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  About KLHunter was incorporated on 01-02-2001.
KLHunter is designed to fill our life with colours and meanings within the time frame that we are living in this world.
KLHunter Philosophy
Remember, we help you get there!
KLHunter Event Management
KLHunter is an Event Company that organizes groups, adventurous, leisure,  meeting, conference, marketing, outdoor & indoor gathering, as well as charity involvement…
KLHunter Website Management

We offer a broad range of services for your corporate IT and Web needs. We aim to assist your corporate into the network age, recommending systems and software with the scalability & reliability needed to drive the electronic information age...

  Did you ever wonder what it's like to fly an aircraft yourself? Don't miss that chance when it comes around to you! It will actually be your very first experiences and possible the beginning of a lifelong passion.  
Experience the thrill of a private aircraft fly around Kuala Lumpur (City Tour). It's time to fly now with your friends and family members whereas to have an special flying memories together.
Want to try some adventurous trip for 4WD without owning any 4WD with KLHunter’s team member? The whole 4WD journey is fun and surely will leave a lasting impression.
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