This logo portrays a unique combination of arrow and words. The combinations have its owned strength and meaning. The usage of the arrow with red target surround it is applicable with the you will get what you want, able to help the people to get what they have targeted and where they want to go, and the company will consistency develop and broaden universally without limits and synchronized with e-development : We Help You Get There ! 

The arrow beyond the target refers to the solidarity and teamwork amongst the management and its distributor in developing the information about Kuala Lumpur to the worldwide. Likewise the Company members, who strive hard in achieving their desire and success together.

The corporate colors are ORANGE, GREY, BLACK and RED.

The ORANGE color showed the enthusiasm, excellence and strength of the company.

The GREY represents stability, progress and aspirations of the company and its members. 

The BLACK provide a strong platform of support and backup for all team members.

The RED bring highlight in our company brand name as we carry ourselves in a same mission and vision.

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